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Traditionally all you needed to do to get the right domain name was to search your business name and choose .com. Like any classic, .com will never go out of style. But, as .com becoming more competitive, especially if you have a common business name (and sometimes even if you don't), more specific, informational domains give businesses an advantage. Domains such as .org, .edu, .xxx tell us and search engines exactly what content we can find on those websites. Why not try a domain such as .online, .news, .club or even more specific, .design, .tech, or .family.

Since we know major search engines (Google) treat domains as first contact, it's time to get strategic with your web address.




Not all hosting companies are equal. Choose a hosting account provider who can support your platform. Special concerns come into play if you host a large business app, member generated database, ecommerce, or ACH payment processes. Your hosting provider needs to have the right server and security to back up your applications.

We have experience integrating large data driven applications to all the major hosting platforms and cloud based platforms and can make sure you start off with the right powerhouse.


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