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Ecd Recycling is committed to providing a SECURE, RESPONSIBLE way for businesses and individuals to dispose of and recycle their unwanted electronic devices  Did You Know that ALL businesses, non-profits, schools, and public agencies in Connecticut are required by law to properly manage certain discarded electronics? Some electronics may be classified as hazardous waste. Computer monitors, televisions, circuit boards, and other electronics contain heavy metals so they cannot legally be disposed of in the trash.
Reuse or recycling through a registered e-cycle Connecticut recycler will help ensure that your facility complies with the law.

We will personally pick up and deliver your items to our secure facility. A pickup fee may apply. Call 203-745-4018.


Data Destruction

ECD Recycling Center has a variety of options for data destruction for both residents & businesses. ECD Recycling Center is soon to be Connecticut's largest certified electronics recycling facility. We guarantee 100 % destruction of all data entrusted to us.

Plant-Based Data Destruction

ECD Recycling can shred Hard Disk Drives, Tapes, Media, X-rays, and Small Batch Paper in our data destruction room located at our facility. Drives and tapes can be serialized and included on a Certificate of Destruction. Fees do apply.

Electronic Data Destruction

For companies that lease equipment and want to have the data destroyed on a hard disk drive before returning the devices to the manufacturer, we offer certified data erasure using Blancco. Blancco is the most certified software in the world and is trusted and used by organizations …


25 States, including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, have environmental regulations banning old computer equipment from landfills and requiring that to-be disposed of computer equipment be recycled by approved computer recyclers.


Secure data destruction services designed to provide an auditable control system for the required NIST compliant destruction of all recorded data to be disposed of data assets.

Authorized environmentally compliant electronic recycling services that meet and exceed state and federal environmental regulations governing the disposal of electronics.

Onsite inventory audit services designed to establish a chain of possession records and create an asset disposal inventory control mechanism by organizing, packaging, and manifesting asset control groups.

A web-based archive of all of your electronics disposal and data destruction records, designed to provide a complete and simple to use the resource to provide asset disposal statistics and respond to audit inquiries.

Risk Management Disposal

This solution adds an extra layer of security and is ideal for companies with highly sensitive data, including hospitals, banks, financial institutions, and government agencies. ECD Recycling properly retires computer hardware and takes special steps in the areas of security, legal compliance, and accountability. ECD Recycling will:

  • Bring our trucks with secure equipment containers to keep your computers and data security before and during shipment.
  • Pick up equipment directly from your loading dock.HIPAA-HITECH Compliant computer recycling
  • Destroy hard drives or thoroughly remove all data from hard disks using the Department of Defense recommended methods (on-site service available). This protects against software licensing infringement and loss of sensitive information.
  • Recycle equipment according to state and federal environmental laws.
  • Provide a certified report detailing the services performed and confirming software removal (listed by hardware serial number).
  • Services are 100% HIPAA, HITECH, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FACTA Red Flags Rule, and EPA compliant.


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