Onsite Support

A comprehensive alternative to having your own IT department, our Support-IT package provides unlimited remote support, onsite engineer time with 24x7 monitoring and on demand consultancy as needed.
Support on site


Support-IT onsite support package

With unlimited onsite engineering time, Support-IT is our most popular package, offering all sizes of businesses a complete and comprehensive outsourced support solution, so we become your trusted IT support team.

In addition to all the benefits of our 24/7 remote monitoring package (Monitor-IT) and unlimited remote support from our in-house Service Desk (Remote-IT), this package includes unlimited onsite engineering time.


Your expert ICT team

With no hidden costs our Support-IT package offers unparalleled value for money and complete transparency allowing you to easily budget for your monthly IT support spend. There is no need to pay for block hours in advance or worry about using onsite engineer time by a certain date – resources are available when you need them.

Combined with our expertise and advice, this is the perfect alternative to having your own IT team, without all the cost and HR management.


       Key features at a glance


     Features provided in our 24×7 monitoring and remote support packages are included as standard.


   orange check   Unlimited onsite support
   orange check   Unlimited telephone & email support
   orange check   Unlimited remote support (email, servers, PCs & networks)
   orange check   Standard Service Desk hours 7.30 am to 6.30 pm daily
   orange check   Preventative maintenance & updates
   orange check   24/7 Real-time monitoring & alerts
   orange check   Guaranteed response & resolution times
   orange check   High rate of first-contact resolution
   orange check   Enterprise-class service management system
   orange check   Optional monthly service delivery reports for transparency
   orange check   Self-service client Service Hub (desktop, mobile, web versions)
   orange check   Dedicated Account Manager & technical reviews
   orange check   On-demand consultancy & advice
   orange check   Discounted rates on other services
   orange check   No hidden costs



















Key package benefits

Our Remote-IT support package includes all the features and benefits of our Monitor-IT package. Benefits include:



  Unlimited onsite support included at no extra cost

  GreaterThan Some technical issues can only be resolved on your premises and sometimes much faster in person. 
Those sorts of issues are often the most critical ones to your business.

  GreaterThan  With our Support-IT package, your back is covered – there are no additional costs for technical expertise and fast recovery – we don’t hold you to ransom when you need our help the most.


  Efficient financial management

  GreaterThan  Your ICT support costs are restricted to a simple monthly fee. The price is known in advance, fixed regardless of how much support time you use, so it’s a predictable operational expense, easing cash flow and budget management.

  GreaterThan  Support-IT will save you paying for limited block time in advance of the requirement, or facing the expense of maintaining your own in-house technical team.


  Lowest possible disruption to your business

  GreaterThan  Many support providers hide behind their “time to respond” to your requests but we go beyond this. We aim at resolving your issues as quickly as we can.

  GreaterThan  Of course, your call will be answered within 15 seconds or less, and you’ll be speaking to a qualified and experienced technician – not a call logger or an automated menu system.

  GreaterThan  We understand that minimizing disruption to your business is critical. Customer service is our focus.

  No limits on your support

  GreaterThan  With the Support-IT package, you have access to unlimited remote monitoring, 24×7, unlimited remote service desk support, unlimited onsite engineering time, and unlimited technical advice.


  Complete technical expertise is yours

  GreaterThan  Recruiting and maintaining your own team of technicians is difficult and expensive. The need to have all aspects of your ICT covered increases the costs and challenges.

  GreaterThan  Every member of our technical team is fully trained and accredited. They’re there when you need them, so your problem is solved.

  GreaterThan  You’ll be freed up to focus on the management of your business, with the technology there to help you achieve commercial success and growth.


  Early warnings outside business hours

  GreaterThan  We’ll help avoid disruption to your business. Our 24×7 monitoring helps us anticipate problems before they happen. If they do happen we’re able to notify you and take action accordingly.


  Simple and Secure ICT management

  GreaterThan  We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and save you hours, so you’re free to get on with your import commercial activities.

  GreaterThan  We’ll take care of your staff and the daily application of patches and fixes to all your computers, including updates to your anti-virus and threat management software.




  •  The next step.....

    If our Manage-IT package doesn’t match your requirements exactly, we also offer flexible tailored support and outsourced Service Desk options, so please Contact us today.